I am trying to determine the correct procedure to properly align a hardware RAID-10 (LSI 9260) built with 4 x Intel DC S3500 SSDs.

Partition alignment
From what I've been able to research this is the easier part. It seems to be enough the run fdisk with specific heads/sectors parameters like this:

fdisk -H 32 -S 32 /dev/sdX, or,
fdisk -H 224 -S 56 /dev/sdX

File system alignment
This is where things become very fuzzy. Apparently I should follow this tutorial for instance:


1. According to some opinions stride is irrelevant for hardware raid. Is that so?
2. In MegaCli we can get with -LdPdInfo the "stripe size". Is this the chunk-size or stripe size for the entire stripe set?
3. In raid-10 how many data containing devices do we consider for calculations? 2 or 4? According to some materials it is 2.
4. How do we find if the block size of the raid device is 512 bytes or 4k? A fdisk -l on the raid device is enough?

And finally:
5. Is there some authority material that defines very clearly and exactly all the various notions like stripe size, stripe width, stride, chunk etc?

Please help with some clarifications.