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    Question How to you organize your business email folders?


    I'm curious how others organize their business email folders?

    For example, when I'm negotiating a new server with a new customer I'll create a folder in my email client for them. All incoming correspondence goes into that folder.

    Then once their server is setup and correspondence is "finished", I'll move it into my archives folder.

    All email I send goes into my "Sent Items" folder, which is now about 20gb in size... just one giant folder with many thousands of email.

    Any new email arrives into my inbox, and I try to clear it out as quickly as possible by dealing with it. I will either resolve the issue and then delete the email, or I'll move it into my "to review later" folder. (ie: For items that I can't resolve right now due to dependency on something else, etc...)

    I have an email folder called "Suppliers", which then has many individual sub-folders. Every supplier gets a folder (ie: and any correspondence from that supplier goes into their folder.

    If a end-user customer contacts me, I'll put their mail into a "customer mail" folder.

    I'm asking about this, because after 13 years or so it seems like my mail folder system is getting a little unwieldy and difficult to find things easily.

    I have a friend who puts *everything* into a single folder (after moving from his inbox) and seems to like that. He just uses search for when he needs to find something. But that's difficult since something the search term might not be appropriate to find a specific mail buried somewhere with many thousands of other mails...

    So how do you organize and manage your mail?

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    Interested read. We use a ticketing system so that is how we track custom orders or sales process requests. I do have filters setup for certain ticket notifications or key words as well as filters set up for vendors or like emails.

    GMail certainly makes it easy to track an email and make sure that it never gets missed. IF it doesn't have a folder, it gets either deleted or kept in the main or "General" filter.
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    The only issue here is search, Thuderbird search sucks, those ticket systems too , Google is good with search , I wish I could get an answer for this as google is not good with privacy and hate to use gmail

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    Quote Originally Posted by mrzippy View Post
    All email I send goes into my "Sent Items" folder, which is now about 20gb in size... just one giant folder with many thousands of email.
    You can create subfolders under Sent Items for each year:

    That will help a lot on searching Sent items.
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    Just find which is the best and most convenient factor to diversify your emails.

    For example - purpose! You can sort your emails by their type - marketing offers/partnerships, billing related, personal etc. Depending how your company is structured you have other possibilities - for example we have a separate folder for Employee Reports, Employee Tasks, even Thank You Mails from happy customers.

    The separation by time is also ok, depending the volume of emails you get. As it was suggested you can have a separate folder for each month and pile up the emails there. can just have separate mail accounts for all the different departments and/or objectives where Service always comes with a smiling face!
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