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    Question How to organise the daily business?


    we've got a Magento B2B store, few orders, high average checkout value and do some production. Over 90% whole sale.
    Each day with several email requests - currently mostly in one language but we are working on expanding to three.

    What kind of systems are there to have something like:
    Overview of all customers/customer requests
    Status about current orders for customers to see as well
    Mail/Marketing Campaigns
    Automation of some status mails, streamline of internal processes
    Not sure whethter there is one system that rules it all .. but I thought about a CRM system maybe?
    Open Source would be good (data on my own server, interface to integrate with other systems - later on like ERP maybe).

    Does anyone have an idea what to do here?

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    In B2B industry client relationship management is vital and after seeing your post i would suggest you to go with salesforce, zendesk or with sugarcrm. Zendesk recently become a partner of Magento so you can go with zendesk in which you will order status, ticket system, email marketing option and auto responding options. Also magento have several extension in its Magento community edition if you can contact with your hosting provider then you'll be able to do some changes without disturbing your whole structure. For further consultation you can get idea from our cosulting department.
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    SugarCRM would be the only option here (data on our own server/open source).
    But unfortunately the development of the OS version seems to be going nowhere so Sugar got already forked and it seems to be quite unsave to go with this young fork, support by only one firm.

    We have VTiger 5.4 installed but not probably setup - it just doesn't look very nice whereas V6 would solve this issue.
    Zurmo look awsome but it is very new and already seems to switch from "we are truly open source" to "we only offer this in our premium version" - so not really an option as well.

    But in general I think a CRM with some extended functions like projects and knowledge base is quite a good point to start from.
    I tried OpenERP before due to the Magento integration but it is rather complicated to customise and very limited CRM wise.

    It seems as if the most complicated but best way to go is with professional software which focus on one area and later on integrate them via a middle ware. Eventhough it adds complexity it will still be way cheaper than buying/developing all the needed functionality that a one-fits-all solution is missing.

    I'm wondering whether there is anyone around here who roughly is or was on the same way?
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    Change to Prestashop. Customers' shopping behavior & info are more accurate than magento.
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    Is it possible for a mod to close this topic?
    The replies only make nonsense of this question.
    I'll unsubscribe now.
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