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    Need help on upgrade mysql on cpanel server

    My cpanel server has old 5.0 version. I want to upgrade to 5.5
    But WHM upgrade mysql menu gave me error below:

    ISAM tables are still in use on this system. These tables must be manually upgraded to MyISAM before an upgrade of the MySQL server is possible.
    An upgrade of MySQL on your system is not possible at this time!

    Please correct the errors identified above before attempting an upgrade of MySQL.

    Any idea what should I do? Also do I have to recompile apache after mysql upgrade?

    Thanks alot.

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    When you upgrade mysql, it will tell you also if you want to recompile apache.
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    Please refer the following URL,

    and try the script to convert all database tables that are using ISAM engine to MyISAM.

    Hope this will help you.

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