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    php script to search/scan all folders & files with chmod 777

    Hi guys, i know ssh command to search/scan all folders & files with chmod 777 :

    search folder & file
    find / -perm 0777
    search folder only
    find / -type d -perm 0777
    search file only
    find / -type f -perm 0777
    but my shared host not allowing ssh, is there php script to do this? that i can upload & open the file in browser address bar
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    You can use in your PHP script: backticks (`command`), exec('command', $output), shell_exec('command'), system('command'), passthru('command').
    Some hosts may block them.
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    Most hosts block system, shell_exec PHP functions. It's better you ask them to find such files in your account and provide you the list...
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    You can try using fileperms() to check for the permissions and scandir() to list the file/folders in the directory. - fileperms() - scandir()
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    if its not possible or too hard, i have another question :
    if using ssh, how to search only inside /home/username/public_html/ , so no search into the root, only inside a folder & the subfolder?

    i tried this, but this is not working :
    find /home/username/public_html/ -perm 0777
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