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Thread: QSFP+ query

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    QSFP+ query

    We are upgrading our storage network switch from a 1GbE network to 10GbE and I was looking at the Force 10 S4810P.

    It supports 48 SFP+ ports and 4 QSFP+ ports. I was wondering if I could plug my SANs to the QSFP+ ports via QDR Infiniband and the rest of my servers to the SFP+ ports via regular Cat6 copper.

    I understand that Infiniband data transmission is completely different from ethernet but I was wondering since it runs on QSFP+.

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    This won't be possible. The QSFP standard provides an electronically compatible port but the logic and backplane for whatever technology you're using must exist in the switch to use those SFPs.

    Much like putting a 10G SFP into a 1G capable switch's SFP ports, putting a QDR InfiniBand module into a 10G switch would result in the module being ignored as it is invalid.

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