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    Review: 18 months with Dominion (NewWebsite) Hosting

    I started inexpensive shared hosting with Dominion Hosting in April of 2012. Back then they were called NewWebsite; the name changed to Dominion (as in Viginia, the Old Dominion State) in February of 2013. I think Floyd Morrissette is the owner/operator; at any rate, his is the only name that's ever appeared on any communication I've had with NewWebsite/Dominion.

    At present, I letter-grade Dominion as A or A+. I would recommend Dominion to friends.

    I'm a retired computerist; mine is just a hobby site for fun and to keep my hand in. Even so, my standards remain high: I won't rent space on anything less than fine hardware with up-to-date software.

    My service is called Standard Shared Web Hosting with DirectAdmin. I'm on nameserver, generally up and stable. I pay monthly because that fits my budget best ... US $9.95 a month. If I paid 3 years at a whack it would be half that amount: $178. One year would be $83. In return, I get 50 Gigs of storage and 500 Gigs of monthly traffic. Way overkill for anything I might do. Even If Letterman gave me a shout-out, I doubt I'd need 500 Gigs of transfer. I have several domain names and can park or add-on all of them, no extra charge.

    Dominion also offers Virtual Private Servers (VPS) and Dedicated Servers. I suspect the fit and finish on the high-end servers is superior to most. Their servers are somewhere inside the Windstream empire, with data-centers in North Carolina and elsewhere up and down the Eastern Seaboard. (Reasonably geo-stable places, as best I can tell.)

    I'm the greatest fan in the world of the DirectAdmin (DA) control panel. I used to have a co-worker drive back and forth over my foot until I went inside to manage accounts with cPanel. DA was engineered from scratch to be the Not-cPanel. Dominion has both DirectAdmin and cPanel available. You decide, no price difference.

    The Dominion client portal, with support tickets and billing interface, is stable and responsive, pleasant to use. Every communication I've had has been answered pronto in a friendly, concise manner. I'd give the support an emphatic thumbs up.

    On the downside ...

    If I had 3 wishes, number one would be for a meatier KnowledgeBase. I like to find answers. I Google, and often wind up over at HostGator's KB. Makes me feel like a traitor and a shoplifter, both at once.

    Another wish would be for an FTPS login. It's not important enough for me to file a support ticket, though, so I must not want it a lot. If I asked, I'd surely get it. SSH is readily available.

    Third wish would be knowing more about available options. I almost left Dominion when I grew weary of pooting around with permissions and ownerships, and PHP compiled as a module. That's what I got a year and a half ago when I signed up, so I assumed things were just that way. But, when I tried to quit Dominion, Floyd made me happy with suPHP and CGI PHP. Module is faster, but the difference between 1 millisecond and 7 is wasted on me. Nowadays, I'm more of a crock-pot guy than a microwave guy. So, possums, if CGI vs. module is important to you, say so up front.

    I've hosted, both professionally and for pleasure, with several Cadillac companies: HawkHost, most notably, and MediaLayer. I'd bunch Dominion in with that class of Host.
    ~John Sinclair

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    Nice Review. Hope Dominion keeps it up and that you continue great service. If anything ever changes please update us.
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    Glad to hear you are enjoying your stay with them. Hopefully, your wishes would come true one day

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    Great provider. I've had an Xen VPS from them (back when they were newwebsite) and it was very stable. Floyd is very friendly too.

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    saltlakejohn thanks for taking your time and sharing us your experience with Dominion.
    Looking around for some time
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    New words from the OP thread-starter

    I still have shared hosting with this outfit but now they have gone through another name change. Floyd calls the new company Little Creek Hosting (née NewWebsite/Dominion). The website is

    In May 2015 the domain name was usurped by someone else and it created chaos for the company and for some, or many, or most subscribers. I am not privy to the dirty details but I gather it negatively affected VPS and dedicated servers. My shared server account was unaffected ... not even a hiccup. I don't know the extent of the problem if there was one. Anyway, it all seems to be in the rearview mirror now.

    The person or people who now have the domain name are not Little Creek or Floyd Morrissette.
    ~John Sinclair

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