We are a local startup company based out of Vancouver, BC. We currently have colo sites in Seattle and Vancouver (coming online soon).

I'm sure as most of you know a larger (full) cabinet is more economical per U than a smaller 1/4 or 1/2 cab.

We are looking into upgrading our existing 1/8 cab configurations, but do not have enough infrastructure at this time to fill the "extra" space.

Therefore we are looking to partner with others in need of single U or multiple server colocation.

If you currently have colocation sites out on the east coast (ex. Toronto, North Carolina) an arrangement like this could be mutually beneficial. Having a local team on the ground to assist you, likewise when we expand eastward we would like a local team to assist as an alternative to sometimes hefty hands on fees.

If anyone is interested in such an arrangement please reply or PM me.