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    Considerations for sharing colo cabinet

    We maintain a secure half cabinet at Atlantech's Rockville, MD datacenter that is only half populated.

    10MB bandwidth, with 30 IP's and ample power.

    We are interested in increasing our ROI on this 2-year lease.

    I would appreciate any advice regarding sharing or exchanging rack unit space?


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    Consider these questions:

    • Is sharing that cabinet allowed with your provider?
    • Can you upgrade the bandwidth at will? If so, how much?
    • Is the bandwidth upgrade affordable for who may need it?
    • Do you really want to be available for someone (24/7) who might want to share the cabinet?
    • Do you want to share this with someone local?
    • Do you really want to be responsible for paying any additional costs associated with upgrades that your customer could leave you with?

    The above are just a few. Think about it.
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    Isn't it better to push and resale any services that utilize the capacity you have?
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