Hey Guys,

We've got a site that previously had a simple, yet slick admin portal & order submission system built-in.

Upon contracting out the redevelopment of this site, the new developer has created a sleek & beautiful site, but entirely without management system, no method for order submission, no manner to update products, etc. The developer has been unable to resolve this in a satisfactory manner, and the original (previous) site developer is no longer developing/freelancing.

With that, I'm putting it out to the WHT crowd of developers. We have a nice PHP/CSS based design, all of the assets required to work, etc. currently sitting on a very basic Wordpress driven back-end. The site needs either a reworked/new back-end (for simplistic management/cart/checkout/etc.), or to be re-skinned to our old back-end with & a few tweaks, etc.

Developers/integrators/coders interested in this work should:
- Be age of majority, operating legitimately obviously
- Be able to provide a projected cost, development time, etc.
- Be prepared to sign a NDA
- Be able to provide proof of ID as required
- Pre-define development milestones, timelines, deliverables, etc.
- Inclusion of penalty & cancellation clauses for delays/non-delivery/etc.

Preference (but not required) would include:
- The developer is local to the GTA, as it's always nice to meet the people you're doing business with.
- The developer has some history on WHT
- The developer has experience with this sort of project requirement

Please reply to this thread with any questions, or email [email protected] if you would like to submit/bid on this work & receive additional details, etc.