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    Any decent Lease2Buy deals?

    I am looking for something in EU that has excellent routing to the US or any in the US with excellent routing to EU.

    Possible server configuration:
    Intel E3 v2 or v3
    60GB SSD + 1 TB HDD
    8-16GB RAM
    1 Gbit dedicated

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    It's tougher to find lease to own deals on newer hardware. There are tons of those available on old hardware (Dual L5420, Dual L5520).
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    Are there any specific deals that you suggest for older hardware?

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    Before doing a LTO on any server, especially older hardware I'd suggest doing calculating the costs out. Most times it would be a lot cheaper for you to buy the hardware yourself. For example: a full Dual L5420 server on ebay for $134: - Specializing In Dedicated Servers and Financial Hosting
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    I think eBay is your best bet.
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