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    Smile How to add an ' IFRAME' stuff into a wp page?

    I would like to have something like this in a wp static page, I checked all the code in the 'text' platform, but it isn't showing up in any way. I ain't that good in coding yet, so far I just know basic html and CSS. Could anyone please tell me how to make it?
    The code is something like this:

    <IFRAME ID=IFrame1 SRC=""
    frameborder="0" scrolling="yes" width="810" height="600" allowTransparency="true"></IFRAME>

    Thank you!

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    How to add an ' IFRAME' stuff into a wp page?

    Can't see any code.

    If you're using the visual editor it's probably "sanitizing" parts of your iframe. You could try to not use the visual editor, but that may not work.

    There might be a plugin for that.

    I'd add a template file, and add the iframe there. Or use a custom field, and have the theme display it. Both require you to modify theme code.

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    Thank you for the reply, though it isn't so clear to me, since I don't understand what you mean exactly. However, thank you.

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    You can simply add something like this in a WP page or post:

    <iframe src="PUT_URL_HERE" width="100%" height="100%" frameborder="0" scrolling="no"></iframe>
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    Thank you for the advice. Actually it won't work, I did it already, and there just appeared some light column which looked funny.

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    I've used this plugin a few times seems to work great:
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    Thank you for the recommendation. I installed that plugin, and changed the '<' into '[' this stuff, and still it isn't working for the page..

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    I use "Advanced iFrame" plugin. It is made by TWG check it out here:

    We use it to insert pages from other apps that are not integrated that way. Say an email subscription manager or a portal. Generally, any site that you control (so it doesn't change and later look bad) will be able to look good in Advanced iFrame. The plugin is well maintained and updates come when needed.

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    Thank you for the recommendation. I managed to get a plugin called xyz html or something like this, so that I could make snippet for some html code and insert it into a page or post, quite handy.

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