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    Changing Hosts and Domains


    I had a couple questions about changing hosts and domains, but first a bit of information on my situation.

    I have a wordpress website right now that I host through a server in another country. Currently, I'm working on a fully reconstructed wordpress website of my original site, but I also want to change hosts.

    I can do a 301 redirect through my cpanel, which should be pretty easy, however, if I'm also switching hosts what steps should I take to make the transition retain the most SEO? Should I migrate my current site over to the new host first, then do the 301 redirects to the new site from there? Is there a different way to do 301 redirects for WordPress? I know there is a plugin, but I think that is just if you want to change the URL, not the actual destination.

    When doing 301 redirects, should I start with the domain name, i.e., and redirect it to then redirect the pages i.e., >

    Regarding wildcard redirects; if my new WordPress site is using images and files that I've uploaded to my new site, do I need to check this option?

    I'm just trying to gather enough information about this process to make it as smooth as possible. Thank you for any help!

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    SEO is based on site content and its linked to the domain and subfolders.
    No matter which host you use.
    So as soon as you are ready with your site you can either :
    1. point your domain to it (set ns settings)
    2. transfer the domain to the new host

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    If your fully reconstructed site maps all pages to exactly the same urls then you hav enothing to worry about

    e.g. old server
    new server mydomain/conatct
    etc for every page / blog post

    the issue comes when your urls change
    old server
    new server mydomain/contact-page

    in which case you need the 301 on your NEW server to map to mydomain/contact-page

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    Let's assume:
    your current domain is:
    New domain will be

    Your current hosting company is:
    New hosting company will be:

    Now follow these simple steps:

    1) Purchase from any domain selling company like, namecheap etc.

    2) Select a new hosting company ( and purchase a hosting account on

    3) Ask to do cPanel to cPanel transfer of your website

    4) When transfer is completed, ask to change domain name of your hosting account from to
    But do not change username of your cPanel account. can do this easily from WHM

    5) Now change your WordPress url (on server) from cPanel >> Phpmyadmin from to
    Please refer here:
    Changing the URL directly in the database

    6) wait for few hours to propagate DNS. Your should be working.

    7) Now redirect urls to urls using .htaccess 301 redirect

    A simple Google search will give your .htaccess redirect code.
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    Every time you transfer a website to another domain, try to keep the file structure. SEO results will definitely drop for a few days, but if everything is made right, you have nothing to worry about.

    As kambone was saying, the host has nothing to do with SEO (Well, the faster is the loading speed, the better, since Google is taking count of the website loading speed).

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    If you want to change domain name from ABC.EXT to XYZ.EXT then update website address from google webmaster tools. If you want to change pages/folders then use 301 re-director.

    Changing host makes no effect on SEO as long as your website is live.
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    Just migrate everything over and change your nameserver once you're done.
    Shouldn't affect anything though.
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