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    Talking ServerHub Kicks Ass

    After two years of nothing but the best, I figured it was time to post about it somewhere.

    ServerHub fka Infinitie Networks is absolutely the best hosting provider I have ever dealt with. As a consumer, I deal with a lot of providers - cable, cell, power, hosting, etc. Out of all of those utilities and various providers of each, I have not met a single company that has consistently dealt great support every time. Sure, I might be happy when I call Time Warner, but the next call might infuriate me beyond belief. With ServerHub, it's always great.

    They usually respond to easy requests pretty quickly, and to be fair, some hard requests take time and even then, they respond faster than expected. Their support agents do not leave me pulling my hair out nor have I had a need to shop around.

    ServerHub's got great deals on everything from Dedicated to value budget Cloud VPS. Their Black Friday deals have also been exceptional.

    Truly, this company has the best value overall, especially when you factor in service and support as part of your "value". Their responses and resolution have been amazing. The quality is superb.

    Don't get me wrong - nobody's perfect, so don't flame me if one tiny little thing goes wrong. Maintenance happens. Equipment breaks. That happens everywhere. But what I've found at ServerHub is when things do happen, by the time they respond to my ticket, it's already been fixed or is underway. And you don't get a BS reply like "we know" or "its being worked on". They give you a clear and concise idea of what is going on, why it's happening, and what's being done to fix it. Maintenance windows are scheduled sufficiently in advance and give you a clear idea of how long it will last and what the impact will be. And, unlike some other Providers (*cough rackspace cough*), they send it directly to your email in clear text so that you are aware. You don't have to log in to check your ticket history to see if there's a maintenance coming up.

    KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK GUYS!!! The top 3 that I deal with regularly are Matt, John, and Tyler in their senior level support. You guys rock!

    Give yourselves a pat on the back and get the boss to buy you all a round of drinks =)


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    Make sure you report your URL to the mods.

    Reading your review personally I am not sure if you were hosted with them or not. You review talks about everything under the sun besides anything that really has substance. Now, if this is a true review I do hope you have good service and hope that ServerHub can keep being amazing for you.
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    * O..kay...?

    Harrison914, there was no need to be rude. From reading my own post, it is clear that I am hosted with them. What else would I be? My post was purely about their CUSTOMER SERVICE, and its quality. I believe I did a pretty good job at describing how satisfied I am with their CUSTOMER SERVICE, and their deals.

    I did not post specifics (prices, specs, etc) since those are bound to change from time to time and if someone comes across this post in a few months, I don't need some skiddie flaming me for being a dollar off somewhere.

    I am indeed hosted with them and have several servers on different classes with them; not that it's any of your business. I would have thought my comment about the 3 employees I have worked with to be sufficient to discern that by anyone with at least a 50 IQ. Unless you want to intentionally be a dick and split hairs about it - by "worked with", no I do not mean they were coworkers. I am not an employee of the company. I am a customer.

    Now get off my a** and stop trolling new posts looking for ways to insult and demean people.

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    Great review!

    As a new member it's not uncommon for you to be doubted.
    When a new user posts reviews (negative or positive) of course people will probe.

    Which explains the report policy, to have your review verified.

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    It is nice when a happy customer takes the time to come here and report how happy they are. You review sounds honest to me. For every happy review there are many more too satisfied to come and share. Unsatisfied customers and satisfied customers should be welcomed to report here. As well as those with a more common mixed bag. But when service is excellent, and you have experienced such horrible service from others, you sometimes want to share, to save others from getting horrible service elsewhere! Happy reviews will be discounted by cynics and those used to horrible service.
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    Thank you sharing review about ServerHub. Very few customers manage time to share reivew about good things.

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    I have had Dedicated or VPS server with ServerHub for over 6 years now (currently with dedicated server in both Dallas and Phoenix) and see this review tough to accept. I look forward to having this review confirmed as being from true customer. I will say this... their prices are tough to beat and John B tries hard to keep my business... But it has been a tough road for me personally and I am happy to share my experience if anyone wants to PM me.

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