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    Job reguest

    I have successfully completed my responsibilities as,

    # Worked in server monitoring team, my responsibilities were, to monitor the servers and keep them stable, if they are overloaded for any reason, check the exact reason of server overloading and take necessary action to maintain the server(s) in stable state. To check /tmp partition for un-necessary files and remove them to maintain /tmp partition clean. Check disk space of each server once in a week and report it to our admin if some partitions are using excess disk space above 90%.

    # Worked in server backup team, my responsibilities were to manage the cPanel server backups in compressed format. I was responsible to check if backup of each and every account present in daily and weekly backups. I was responsible to maintain the backup drive clean and empty so next backup process will not cause any issues due to disk space or any unwanted errors. I was responsible to backup required data of Dedicated Servers and VPS Servers using RSYNC push or pull methods as per requirements to remote backup servers. Sometimes I used SCP command to copy required compressed backup file to required destination.

    # Manage help desk queues as low as possible for all common issues like common email issues, FTP issues, password reset issues, third party applications like WordPress or Joomla installation issues, common third party application issues like "database issues", admin password reset issues using cPanel or WHM (PHPMyAdmin) through MySQL Databases,etc. In this position I was responsible to check the server load issues if any of server monitoring tech escalated it to me.

    # I am responsible to setup Dedicated Servers, VPS Servers (using Virtuozzo). To maintain Pro-Active Tasks like disk space check, firewall check, common security updates like install "mod_dosevasive", installing & configuring firewalls like APF &/or CSF, installing server applications as per requirements of clients on Dedicated or VPS Servers, migrating accounts from old host to us using WHM or command prompt (rsync, scp, or manual migration for third party control panels). We do use Live Chat Support to support our clients using Live Zilla chat application, I'm also experienced with Live Person chat application. I have good knowledge of WHMCS, can successfully manage primary billing tasks using WHMCS.

    I want to gain an employment with the organization where I can utilize my knowledge especially in the field of technical support. I well understand that this is a organization on the way up and I wish to be a part of this organization as it grows.

    This job is a good fit for what I've been interested in throughout my career. It offers a nice mix of short- and long-term activities. My short-term achievements keep me cranked up and the long-term accomplishments make me feel like a billion bucks.

    skype id: abdul.hussehost

    Awaiting for favorable reply.
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