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    Apache Configuration

    I have Fedora 15 , Apache 2.2.22 mod_perl 2.0.4 . It has 2 CPUs and 1 GB of memory. I have a perl CGI web application that in the system monitor show 23.9MB in resident memory and 14.3 in Memory. I am trying to maximize the speed of the site. I am using ab as a benchmark test:

    ab -n 500 -c 100 URL

    I have set MaxClients to 50 by the following reasoning:

    1000(1GB of memory) - 230MB(server resting memory) = 770
    770/15(size of the memory used by perl script) = 51

    This results in roughly 2.5 requests/second

    I added another 1GB of memory , changed MaxClients to 100 and expected the requests/second to increase. They did not. They stayed roughly the same. I changed it back to 50 and it stayed roughly the same. I removed the extra memory and changed the number to 20 and the request/second stayed roughly the same.

    I can see that MaxClients affects the number of httpd processes that get spawned, but I am a little dumbfounded that changing the number of MaxClients does not affect the request/second.

    Is ab not a good benchmarking tool?

    Am I incorrect in how MaxClients , the httpd processes and ab work together?

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