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    Position for an Operations Person (intern to hire)


    Conseev is looking for someone that can help with day to day operations of multiple web hosting businesses. We have one up and running with hundreds of customers, and we are actively in the process of launching 1-2 more.

    What do we have to offer?
    • A steady stream of new, challenging projects.
    • A completely flexible work environment (really, we’re the anti-Yahoo).
    • A say in the tools and processes you work with.
    • The stability of a salary with the chance to cash when we succeed.
    • Support, tools, and environment to make YOU a better YOU

    What will you be doing in this job?
    Anything and everything related to operating a hosting business. That means technical stuff like helping people move their sites, troubleshooting problems, answer support tickets, checking up on dedicated support staff, etc.

    It might mean managing other team members, managing projects, talking with customers, determining priorities for improvement and expansion, hiring, etc.

    It might mean marketing work like managing advertising campaigns, organic marketing, socializing our businesses on forums and other networks, etc.

    In short, it will be anything that is necessary to keep the business running smoothly and to help it continue to grow like crazy.


    What do we expect from you?
    • Get stuff done. A lot of stuff, in a hurry.
    • THINK about your work. Make improvements.
    • Don’t make us babysit you.
    • Try to be perfect.
    • Abandon perfection when it doesn’t make sense.
    • Push the envelope.

    What kind of skills are required?
    You might find it strange, but the above is much more important than the specific skills. Having said that, if you are not technically inclined you will likely find this a VERY challenging position.

    Any or all of the below skills will be useful, and to some degree the job will morph to fit your strengths:
    • Wordpress
    • Cpanel/WHM
    • Server administration
    • Networking knowledge
    • Project management
    • SEO
    • Social media marketing
    • Sales/copywriting
    • Business/finance
    • **Major bonus points if you have previous hosting company experience

    Who are we?
    Conseev is a mash-up between a contract development shop and an incubator. We build and launch SaaS tools and web-based services. We aren’t for hire – we only work on our own projects, on our own terms.

    While Conseev is still relatively young (2 years), our founder Ben has been at the SaaS game for almost 4 years. By combining sales and marketing knowledge with a development background and leveraging his network of partners and affiliates he’s able to quickly move a business from concept to profitable reality.

    Where are we going?

    With a couple of successes already under our belt, the next step is turning this into a machine. We’re cranking up the pace but also working on standardizing and systemizing how we do what we do. The faster we can move from idea to prototype, from prototype to release, and (on the marketing side) from release to profit, the more opportunities we’ll be able to capitalize on.

    We’re also working our way up the value ladder. We started in niches with very targeted, but somewhat smaller audiences. As cash flow builds, we’re getting more ambitious. Bigger audiences, bigger products, and bigger pay offs.

    What are we looking for right now?
    I don't want to mince words. We need amazing people. If you aren't amazing, do us all a favor and click the back button. There is no room for coasting here.

    We have more projects coming at us than people to throw at them. Which is a good thing, to be sure, but it means we need good people now. People that can take on a project and run with it. Someone that knows which decisions to just make, and which to bubble up the chain.

    Do you want to work on awesome projects from the comfort of your home at whatever time of day you’re most productive? Give us a shout. We’re hiring immediately.

    As you of course noticed, this job is being approached as an internship. That would be 3-6 months, with an offer for a permanent position to follow. Of course, that offer could happen at any time, as soon as we realize how much we love you and that we'd never want you to leave us. Could that be during the hiring process? Sure, in theory. But most likely you will come on as an intern and have to prove yourself.

    We did our best to let you know why we're special, you should do the same. We're trigger happy with the delete key so if you do not make an effort you will not be getting a response / interview / etc. You've been warned.

    You can apply on our website.

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    we can provide you dedicated techs who can work efficiently for you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by xBenx View Post
    As you of course noticed, this job is being approached as an internship. That would be 3-6 months, with an offer for a permanent position to follow.
    This is a paid internship?
    Having problems, or maybe questions about WHT? Head over to the help desk!

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