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    Thumbs up Reliable, Unmanaged, True Virtualization VPS Recommendation

    Hello pros,
    I am looking for a reliable VPS host using one of the true virtualization solutions (VMWare, Xen etc.) and offers unmanaged packages (I am more of a command-line guy, capable of taking care of my server).
    Based on your experiences, can you recommend a few good options to check out?

    Here are my basic needs:

    Processors: Atleast 2 cores of a decent processor.
    RAM: Atleast 2GB (although, I'd prefer a 4).
    Disk: 20GB+.
    Bandwidth: 2TB+. I want the service to be flexible here. Sometimes, I might need more (so it'd be great if the host can provide temporary boost for a decent price).
    OS: CentOS/Ubuntu LTS (the newer the better)
    Country: USA

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    Do you have a budget? Also, is anywhere in the US good, or are you looking for a specific region?

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    Im an independent consultant, so the budget is (lower the better), but not at the cost of reliability.
    Also, anywhere in US is fine, though if given a choice, I'd prefer central US (preferably Kansas city).

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    HDVPS has Xen VPS's. Unmanaged.

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    They look good, but not sure how competitive they are in terms of pricing. For example, BlueHost has similar pricing for comparable managed VPS plans when you go yearly.
    But, thank you for the suggestion, I'll check them out in more detail.

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    Look at EuroVPS, LiquidWeb or Namecheap. They're all Xen powered, and some of the better hosts out there. That's where I have my important work.
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    EuroVPS - Datacenter not in USA
    LiquidWeb - Way too expensive
    NameCheap - Pricier then HDVPS (similar price - way low bandwidth)

    So far only HDVPS, Bluehost and ASamallOrange seem to be competitive enough in terms of reliability and value-for-money. (I know, Bluehost and ASO haven't been mentioned in this thread yet, but I found them elsewhere, and are managed VPS, but thats pretty much whats out there (based on recommendations)).

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