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    Smile How to type " in European keyboard?

    I am learning some html coding, and " is very often used in between. However, I don't know where to find it in the European keyboard. Could anyone tell me? Thank you!
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    Shift + the second key after L (right side of L).
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    what european keyboard do you mean?
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    Re: How to type " in European keyboard?

    That's right. It's different in different countries. In Finland for example it's Shift + 2.

    The good thing is that it actually doesn't matter whether you use ' or " because they mean the same.
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    Hi guys thank you all the for reply and information. And yea I'm in Finland, and just found that it's there when I press Shift and 2. This is nice!
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    LOL there is no European keyboard I am afraid.
    French keyboard is different from Italian keyboard and so on.

    You have got to learn them all you lazy native English speaker
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