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    Server with SSD setup

    Hi all,

    I'm currently running a relatively busy site on a server with 2 x 250Gb HDD in RAID 1.

    The site serves a number of thumbnails (about 170,000 x 10K) at a frequent rate and this is causing an I/O bottleneck. Disk read %age in perfmon is showing 350% at peak time.

    The server also writes substantial amounts of data to IIS log files (600k/s at peak).

    The drive shows as 94% fragmented. I've tried defragmenting it (I took down the site to alleviate load) but it looks like it will take ages (stayed at 0% for half an hour), and anyway I think the problem will recur in a few months time.

    I'm thinking of improving my setup as follows:
    2 x 500Gb HDD in RAID 1.
    1 x 240Gb SSD no RAID (Intel 335 or 520)

    I am a bit weary of having an entirely SSD setup because of write wear, so the intent is to have OS/Software/Backups on the HDD and having all images on the SSD for fast random access. Also, the logs and backups will go to the HDD which will alleviate write wear on the SSD. I'm thinking of partitioning the HDD to separate the space for logs & backups from the rest of the HDD to contain fragmentation to that part of the disk and to allow me to reformat that partition periodically.

    I would appreciate other users' comments and suggestions on the above setup.

    Also, I've read that RAID (1) with SSDs is not recommended because of the TRIM command - how much of an issue is that? Would you suggest I use RAID 1 with the SSDs too?


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    You can do RAID1 with the SSDs and allow for TRIM if you use software RAID.

    Your setup looks really good, the other alternative would be to use SSD caching. It's a bit cheaper, but tougher to setup.
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    Intel's 520 are EOL, you might want to have a look at the DC3x00 editions' specs, they could work for you as well.

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    SSD would alleviate a lot of your IO storage issues. However, you should look to implement a caching server in front of your thumbnail assets at a minimum.

    Those 100k assets could be stored within memory of a caching server using under 2GB of RAM. That would alleviate the disk access for all those small files by serving those assets straight from RAM.
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    I would use the newer Intel DC S3500 SSD over the older 520 series. Newer technology for about the same price.
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