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    VmWare Hypervisor: Is Tunneling Suported?

    I want to use a VPS at another location to tunnel traffic to my server (for DDoS protection) and I was wondering if its possible with VMware Hypervisor.

    1. Is tunneling supported on the hypervisor console itself? Or do the guest VMs need to be independently configured for the tunnel?
    2. Is GRE tunneling supported? Is IPsec Tunneling support?

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    As far as I know this would all be done on the VPS itself. VMWare doesn't have anything like this on the hypervisor end that i'm aware of.

    I'm sure there are several guides to do exactly what you want with a flavor of linux.

    Also if this is for DDoS protection i'd recommend getting a provider that specifically says it has DDoS protection, and find out what the charges are for it. Some providers charge you for heavy traffic, and you only find out AFTER it happens =\

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