We have been phasing out older sections of the network, we have a number of items not needed anymore (some of this is also demo gear we never put into production)

First, two Brocade / foundry RX4 chassis based switches. These have the older line cards but are good starter units for the right people. That have one management module, 1x 2port 10gb line card 1x 24 port sfp 1gb line card, two AC power suppllies and two SFM's. They have misc sfps included (most are SR's) and two foundry 10g SR xfps.

Taking offers on the, but lets start with $3k each would prefer local pickup in los angeles or delivery in Socal.

We also have a few Extreme Networks X450E-48's with the 2x port 10g sfp+ module, newer code on them. These are 48 port POE layer3 ipv4 & 6 switches $1,500 each

We have two nearly new Netgear ProSafe XSM7224S 24 port sfp 10G switches, $2000 each

We are still in the process of spring cleaning so more stuff should pop up soon.