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    looking for a good way to advertise my website

    I have an investment website its a pretty good website just not a lot of people know about it. Trying to figure out a way to market it thanks.

    It links entrepreneurs with investors.

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    Are you still looking to pursue this avenue?

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    Locally you can advertise with news papers etc, Banner adds in famous websites , facebook advertisement , google adwords also you can use.
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    yes looking for ways

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    Add me on Skype and I may be able to help.

    I have a good advertising opportunity for you. I own a gaming community that might be of interest to you.

    Shaun_Pearce5 is my skype.

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    alright I will add

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    Thumbs up Ad networks

    Hey there, in general you can use ad networks to make money on your website. I'm not sure about this one, but in future cases you can use networks like: AdSense, Fidelity Media and etc. Take Care!

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    hi! try fidelity media as a cpm ad network. I have only good experience with them.

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    Are you interested in Link Building Services for your website? If you are interested your website will be come on google ranking and it will show on top 10.

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    DSNR Media- these guys have vast opportunities for advertising. give them a try if you have not found anything suitable yet

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    Pune, India

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    just send me a msg with your contact information

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    I think you can help you
    PM me if your interested. I have over 2 million unique visitors per month

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    You can get niche targeted traffic from . Get free trial traffic and also you can enjoy free traffic for ever, by shortening your exit links. Nothing to lose but more to gain. See details at site.


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    wow many offered there services, glad to see here that problem about promoting a site are easy just you need a little budget, or give your time doing what others suggested..

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    I'll Do It For A Low Cost

    Hey I have a social blogging platform called MyBizziBlog which hosts thousands of niche based blogs. You can target whichever niche and keywords that you want! Your ad will be displayed on every single blog in my blogging network/platform, on the profile pages of users, on the Dashboard feeds of users,on the blog posts of each blog,and on the Search results in our search engine. Currently we charge only $1.50 CPM and it's completed targeted traffic and you get a banner ad along with a title and description of your advertisement. If you need more information you can skype me at: youngdeelo or check out the advertisement package/info at

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    From my own experience. I Highly suggest Facebook ads and Adwords are the best results that you can especially Facebook ads works great you will be able to get at decent ROI.

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    PM me, if you or anyone else looking for

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