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    Setting up a small dedicated server cluster for web hosting


    I am thinking of starting a small web-hosting service.
    However I have encountered a problem while I was planning the server layout.

    My plan was to have 2 "usable" servers with DRBD installed on them so I can have a Highly Available cluster. (By "usable" I mean servers which are dedicated for customers.)
    Would I need to order another 2 servers for DNS purposes?
    If so, would I be able to install WHMCS on one of them?


    P.S. I am sorry if I put this thread in the wrong section.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dzonidev View Post
    That's a really nice configuration you got there. Thought at that point, it might be worth taking a look at a cloud server provider and just buying a few instances from them.
    ^ This

    A 3x Server setup with a few more for backups isn't in everyone's budget.

    You can rent Cloud Servers from providers that offer them.
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    If I understood this correctly, the 3-node cluster is configured in a HA mode therefore every server in the 3-node cluster has a VMS installed and has got VMs for the Name Servers and Normal Hosting. And they all share the data through a storage server?


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