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    Searching for Offshore VPS

    Hello guys, I hope somebody can help me out.
    I am searching for a VPS Server Windows/Linux, which allows a lot of bandwith per month. And they should allow to use it as Proxy, it won't be public but a lot of computers will use it(at least 10k different computers per day,but not for huge data transfers).
    The Budget is up too 100 per month and if there is no, for this budget it can be more.

    Thanks all for your help

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    Is it for illegal activities?

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    Hello, thanks for your interest in my Thread, no it is not for illegal activis, Nothing to do with hacking,botnets or zombies

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    Give Panama Server a try - speak with them on live chat and they should be able to sort out a good deal for you. I haven't used them since around 2009 but they were fantastic back then and would often make deals to cater for your needs depending on your budget.
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    Look at offshore VPS deals.
    They are not pricey but they're reliable enough to have a deal with.

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    Baltic Servers in Lithuania is excellent.
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    Quote Originally Posted by alleurogui View Post
    Look at offshore VPS deals.
    They are not pricey but they're reliable enough to have a deal with.
    What domain(s) do you host with them? You can tell us in private here if you prefer.
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    I am sure your budget is sufficient enough, in comparison with your requirements. Just have a word with your hosting companies via email or live chat. I am sure there are many to serve requests like yours. Good wishes for a better deal.
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    Moved > VPS Hosting .

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    What is offshore to you? And why are you looking to host offshore?

    Offshore and lots of bandwidth rarely come together, even at the higher price points. That is unless you consider places like NL, FR, and DE offshore.

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    Hello thank you all for your answers. Offshore means to me, to Rent a Server without giving out personal Information. Could you People please give me the Internet Adresses. I would consider Europe Servers or in russia.

    Thank you

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    Most providers will allow it, just ask them. I'm sure Ecatel and NFOrce allows it.

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    Maybe the OP has already found the right host for his\her needs.
    The thread is rather old.

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