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Thread: Backup server

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    Backup server

    I just need a simple low end dedicated server to store my backups in.

    i would like to have 500gb+ disk.
    minimum 100 mbit internet connection


    Some sort of service that provide backup for a low price. using rsync or something like that. i want to have incremental backups on the daily backup and a "snapshot" weekly and monthly.


    i am backuing up a solus vm master node with 2 VPS servers. if that is important to know.

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    Have you tried backupsy? They seem to have a relatively good price and offers a fabulous service according to many reviews i’ve seen.

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    What's your monthly budget? Finding a cheap server with ~500 GB storage should not be that hard.
    Does it have to be located in USA or Europe?
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    Budget: as little as possible.

    I was thinking about this:

    but they have placed ALL servers as sold out because customers were upgrading all the time... Really stupid.
    I really have no use for a "top spec" server. ALL its gonna do is hold my files...

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    I like interserver and linode. Interserver would be cheaper though

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    +1 for Backupsy.

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    Check Backupsy if you need reliable backup service provider.
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    Where should it be located? There may be some good offers for you in the backup services forum:
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    Consider It's a company called 'rsync' that sells backup space and obviously rsync software is supported
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    You can also consider AWS, its relatively inexpensive with the free tier. | Tennessee Based Hosting Provider.
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