Rack and Stack Services - Any data center within the Dallas area.

One Time - $70 per device. This includes racking, OS installation, IPMI configuration, cord and server labeling, rails installation, etc.

Hourly - Available for non-emergency situations at a rate of $70/hour with minimum 1 hour increments. The amount of time required to complete a task will be determined prior to being fulfilled. Most tasks will be completed within 24 hours during regular business hours after an agreement is made.

Hardware Replacement

$50 non-emergency hardware replacement. Hard drive replacement, adding/removing RAM, RAID controllers, etc.
$100 emergency hardware replacement. Within a few hours of notification, guaranteed.

*Multiple hardware upgrades or replacements within the same session will be $25 per device thereafter.

Linux/Network Administration

$60/hour. Normal hours (8am-5pm CST on weekdays) manual OS reloads, network configurations, switch configuration, etc.
$90/hour. After hours (weekends, 6PM+)

RMA of Hardware

$50 per device plus shipping costs.

Any Other Work

$70/hour + transportation costs + purchase costs.

Terms and Conditions

  • Patch cables and power cables must be provided
  • Nuts and bolts must be provided
  • Racking and cabling instructions must be provided

Pricing is negotiable depending upon several factors. Please contact us with your requirements: [email protected]