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    Need a good ad program that pays CPM *and* CPC.

    I've got two websites that neither Adsense nor Valueclick will not allow into their ad publisher program due to content (it is NOT adult content, just some medical photos and the like which can tend to be a little gross).

    Problem is I like Valueclick and Adsense because they pay both CPC and CPM. I have tried a number of ad programs including Adonion, Gunggo, and others and they only pay CPM. I have pretty good traffic but not enough to make anything significant on CPM; I need to get paid for clicks as well.

    I recently signed up for Lijit and they have the best fill rates and ad quality so far, but they don't pay CPC either.

    Something has to be out there that pays CPC and CPM and has a looser site inclusion policy (again, my sites do NOT have adult content or anything illegal).

    Can anyone recommend an ad network that fits these criteria?

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    Have you tried adversal? Contact them with your site to see if they'll accept it.

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    Try buy sell ads web site.. If you have a good traffic, this might work for you. Well reputed site too uses this service.
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    Try CPX adds
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    try alternative of adsense. here are some options:

    Exit Junction
    Tribal Fusion

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    Need a good ad program that pays CPM *and* CPC.

    I signed up for Adversal and it seems to be ok. Does anyone with experience with these other suggestions know if their rates are better?

    I appreciate the recommendations.

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    Quote Originally Posted by royalking View Post
    Try buy sell ads web site.. If you have a good traffic, this might work for you. Well reputed site too uses this service.
    You must have really good traffic to be accepted and not only that.

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    Bidvertiser is easy to use and running well. There is also Chitika but they consider clicks only coming from search engines.

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    Buy sell ads are best for you if you have good traffic...

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