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Thread: hello to all

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    hello to all

    I have been looking at this site occasionally, and finally decided to join in!

    We have and had significant amount of customers who are in hosting business that we provide hardware and software. It is time to give back to the community.



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    Apr 2003
    Hi neqx and welcome to Web Hosting Talk!

    We have listed some important information in our forum guidelines and answer guide. We require every member to read and follow all forum rules and guidelines. We strive to keep our forum a useful resource where you can share your thoughts, ideas, frustrations, and ask for solutions to problems on hosting related news and services. Thank you for choosing to join Enjoy your stay!

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    Hi mate. I'm brand new too

    Glad I found this place. Definitely a great resource in learning all about hosting and especially some pretty amazing looking deals.

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    hello, i am tim, nice to meet you, i am very glad to join.

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    welcome ! i am charles.i am new memeber too. glad to join in.

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    are you all from the US?

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