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    Thumbs up Ramnode review

    In 2012 I started looking for a vps to host a mysql server for my an application, as well as a single low traffic web site. I initially wanted to go with something low end for development purposes and potentially move to something higher end later on.

    So, I found Ram Node during my search and signed up for the 256MB SSD SKVM plan at their Atlanta location on 09/18/2012.
    Once development was done on my site and application, I put in my cancellation request and signed up for my 'Higher End' host. A Ram Node representative politely acknowledged my request and said my account would be cancelled at the end of my billing term.

    After setting up my 'upgraded' host, at several times the price, I came to realize how good I had it at Ram Node. After several issues with the new host, and finally a noticeable performance decrease I cancelled my cancellation with ram node, upgraded to the 512 meg plan and have been there every since.

    I can't say there's been no down time, but other than 1 event (that lasted about 15 minutes) they were all announced and gave me plenty of time to run an extra back up (just in case).

    I haven't had a ton of contact with support, I've submitted 3 tickets throughout, but responses have always been polite and prompt.

    The thing that really stands out for me, is the raw performance I get out of this vps.

    Overall, I am extremely satisfied with the performance, stability and price point of my vps.

    PS: Mize is my original name on here, just cant recover the login/password due to the email address on that account being retired. This isn't really my first post.
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    Good point to them : it is always significant to have a good quality of service : happy customers bring their friends!

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    Nice review so Ramnode are doing good job
    Looking around for some time
    PM me for Website Design and Web Development Work.

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    Can't argue with this review. I've been a customer with them for a while,now. I did the same thing and went with "higher-end" hosts and kept coming back to RamNode. Now, I think I'll jsut save myself some hassle and money and stick with them.

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    I don't buy VPSes anywhere else, unless I need a location they don't have.

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    I have two VMs with RamNode in the USA and NL since many moons and receive nothing but great service for a very small amount of money. Really cannot complain!
    Ramnode is definitely in my TOP3, together with Prometeus (I <3 Salvatore) and Iniz.

    Thumbs up to [email protected]!

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    Thank you very much guys! I appreciate all of the positive feedback.
    RamNode - #1 SSD VPS
    High Performance SSD and SSD-Cached VPS
    NYC - LA - ATL - SEA - NL - 1Gbps - IPv6 - DDoS Protection - AS3842
    Get your super fast VPS today! -

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    Been a customer for about a year and have experienced ZERO problems. Customer service is great, staff is very responsive, and the service "just works". And it works very well. I would not consider taking a chance on any other provider at this point as my expectations as a customer have been set very high by RamNode. Your mileage may vary.

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