We are extremely excited to announce the launch of our public cloud built on CloudStack!
Hourly billing starting at $0.02/hr (approx $15/mo) for a 512MB virtual machine!

This is NOT your typical cloud/vps setup! Every account includes its own virtual router and firewall, plus ALL of these features:

High Availability (automatic failover and recovery)
Load Balancer
Instant Cloud Server Deployment
Guaranteed System Resources
Hourly Billing
Full Root Access
Web Based Console Access
Create your own system templates
Schedule Snapshots
Shareable Data Volumes
Resize Data Volumes
Hybrid SSD Storage SAN
Multiple Public IP Addresses
Choice of OS with more to come
Access to our 20 years of hosting experience.... (priceless)

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Our datacenters have all the usual trimmings (UPS failover to generator, etc) as well as fiber links from a huge array of providers.

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