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    Thumbs up Sentral Systems

    It has been a great pleasure dealing with Sentral Systems, I have ordered with them a pretty HUGE server with them 1 month back, I was a bit worried really that the specs. I picked might not meet my expectation in terms of performance serving my customers, I was and still shocked this server is for sure among the best 3 dedicated servers I have ever operated and used to host my clients !

    Running and hosting around 20 VPS on RAID50 (which was never advised to me to use on a production server, yet I decided to give it a shot my own) this server has exceeded my expectations in terms of disk IOPS and OVERALL performance !

    I am glad to share a small performance monitor statistic...
    Apparently running production machines (VMs) on 7x RAID50 disks, the disk queue length never went above 20 nor even touched it !

    I am surprised by that on such a magnificent server as I have never encountered such great results on any previous servers I have rented with other datacenters ! It is true those are 7x Disks running on 50, but that is no excuse for it to act like a SSD powered machine

    Their support is really friendly, and they are glad to help you out with things even outside their scope as they have upgraded the firmware for all the hard drives and the BIOS as I have requested them to,

    The server was a bit expensive though lol, but I really never regret having such a great machine in my Arsenal !

    Sending money via a wire transfer to them was OK!, since I believe the bank requested them to ask ME for many security questions before their bank could release the money for them, but as soon as I gave them my reply, the next day they received the money and promised to initiate the building process immediately !

    For shipping they were very fast and the price was fair considering it was shipped locally !

    Good job Sentral Systems !

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    Their site is ? What kind of specs do you have and how much is it?

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    Used them a few years back, they're a great bunch!

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    Quote Originally Posted by net View Post
    Their site is ? What kind of specs do you have and how much is it?

    Moved > Colocation and Data Centers .
    My server specs are:
    2x 2620 6-Core
    96 GB RAM
    7x 3 TB Disks (Seagate Value Enterprise Disks) + 1x 2 TB
    SuperMicro 8HSBay 560w PSU + Rails -
    Motherboard: SM X9DRi-F

    For the price is was 4384 GBP including VAT

    Thank you for your time

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    Nice to hear that you had a positive experience with them, I don't often see review for hardware companies.

    I see that they are already listed in the Server Builders Wiki. Maybe you can add your contact if you have one.

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    I've also used Sentral Systems for some of our UK gear and they've been excellent.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mdrussell View Post
    I've also used Sentral Systems for some of our UK gear and they've been excellent.
    Used them back in the day as well +1
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