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  1. #1 belongs to what hosting company?

    Been figuring which hosting company does belongs to.
    HostGator --> NSxx.HOSTGATOR.COM
    _________ -->
    _________ -->

    Is it

    Thanks for those who'll reply.

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    I believe the registrar is enom and BLUEINKIT.COM is the owner.

    Domain Name: WEBBSERV.NET
    Creation Date: 2000-09-14 23:31:28Z
    Registrar Registration Expiration Date: 2014-09-14 23:31:00Z
    Registrar: ENOM, INC
    Registrant Organization: BLUEINKIT.COM
    Registrant Street: PO BOX 2866
    Registrant City: SURF CITY
    Registrant State/Province: NC
    Registrant Postal Code: 28445
    Registrant Country: US
    Admin Organization: BLUEINKIT.COM
    Admin Street: PO BOX 2866
    Admin City: SURF CITY
    Admin State/Province: NC
    Admin Postal Code: 28445
    Admin Country: US

    and the ip belongs to gnax :-)
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    I dont remember where i've read that it belongs to enom , it was somewhere on a forum.

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    Yeah I also ended up with that result using whois.
    It does seem like there's a relationship between and regarding web hosting.

    What I really wanna know is which hosting company do I sign up to end up with and

    Like if I choose to provide web hosting would I end up with and as name servers?

    Like in this list of domains using

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    Sorry, I'm confused here:

    You're trying to find out which web hosting company to sign up with so that your nameservers end up matching the ones you want.

    Shouldn't it be the other way around? You work out who you want to host your site, and then use whatever nameservers they give you.

    Why would you want to match nameservers?

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    The thing is I was given 4 sites to manage and 2 of them both has Enom as domain registrar and with name servers of and

    I was able to figure out that the other 2 uses GoDaddy as registrar and BlueHost as host. GoDaddy uses and BlueHost uses HostGator =

    Figured all that out using whois. Now who uses

    Is it possible for WebHostA, WebHostB and WebHostC to give clients the same nameservers like and

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    Quote Originally Posted by rekcart View Post
    Is it possible for WebHostA, WebHostB and WebHostC to give clients the same nameservers like and
    Very unlikely unless they are owned by the same company. Even then they'd be more likely to use different nameservers for each company.

    Have you tried the contact form on the blueinkit web site? That redirects to a form hosted on

    If that doesn't work you can also try an email to biisupport [at] (that's listed in the DNS records for
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