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    Dedicated Server - Packet Loss

    I am not sure where to post this. I am encountering packet loss to and fro from my dedicated server. It doesn't happen all the time ,just here and there. I've just started running very minimum traffic and what I want to understand is why there is packet loss to my server from my remote location, while testing to the provider IP, there is no drop? Please advise me on what is the possible cause.

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    It can be connection problem between your local system to your server or there may be a network issue from your server provider. Provide ping and tracert reports to your provider.

    You can also add monitoring for your server. You can use the service like pingdom.
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    I would conclude that there might be an issue between remote to their network, If ping,tracert to their test IP has same issue. But now is only to my server and not to their test IP

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    Have you tried from another connection?
    What are the firewall default policies, do you have any particular rule at all?

    These things have to be asked you know.

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    I've tied from another location and same thing packet loss. When I do mtr to the server, I can see the packet loss at the server. This is just a new server and no FW in place yet.

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