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    Need some feedback on a few different VPS providers...

    Ok, so I'm currently looking at a few VPS providers for a production WP site and the only real requirements I have is at LEAST SSD, better yet RAIDed SSD's.

    The few I'm leaning at trying out are:

    DigitalOcean, $20 plan, really wish they had a $30 plan
    Ramnode, the KVM SSD VPS, 1gb ram, 4 cores
    Ubiquity, the 2vcpu/4gb ram plan

    So just looking to see if anyone has any experience with any of those 3 providers? Basically the budget for this site is $25-30/m, preferably raided SSDs with 2gb ram and at least 2 cores.

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    I'm using RamNode, but only as a sandbox.
    I can't comment much as I didn't face any issues whatsoever.
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    We are one of happy customer of DigitalOcean. No issue since last 3 months
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    Go with Ram Node. Great hardware & network. I haven't experienced any downtime in the past 3 months since I set up my new VPS w/ them.

    About a year ago I purchased a cheap 256MB VPS for like $20/quarter, even their cheap plans work flawlessly.

    Nick, the owner, cares about his customers and tickets are normally answered by him personally... Atleast for the few times I've had to put them in, which hasn't been often.

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    Thanks for the replies guys! Since DO is the only one of those 3 that offered hourly billing, I ran a ServerBear benchmark on the 2gb/2core plan:

    From the other benchmarks on SB it seems like a fairly solid VPS.

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    I've been hearing many good things about Digital Ocean, let us know how that goes for you if you do decide to stay with them!
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    DigitalOcean, $20 plan, really wish they had a $30 plan
    Does not have HA. Just a traditional VPS host. Uses Raid 5 with SSDs which is questionable.

    Ramnode, the KVM SSD VPS, 1gb ram, 4 cores
    Raid-10. Best read/write speeds.
    Personal recommendation.

    Ubiquity, the 2vcpu/4gb ram plan
    Uses onapp storage technology. Which should mean they have HA.

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    DigitalOcean and Ramnode are good. Personally I'll go with Ramnode.
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    I've heard SolidVPS being mentioned on a few IM boards as being fast stable and cheap.

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