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    I'm in need of an expert that can resize partition tables on a production server. I have a BMR backup but it will take the server down for several hours if I have to use it. Plus it will only revert the partition table back to the smaller drive size. I have kvmip via ubersmith using an outdated java applet. It's old, but it works.

    Original drive size = 25gigs.

    Upgraded to 1tb but after BMR, cPanel only sees 250 gigs.

    Please quote a price and your plan in a PM.

    Best Regards,

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    I can help you to get this sorted add me on skype : ashishamre2008

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    We can discuss on this. Please contact us via skype: logic.meeting - the name says it all!
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    We at can help you with this, please request an offer at:
    NixDevs :
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    Chances are you just need to resize2fs the partition.
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