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    Help with htaccess after WP blog

    I moved my blog to a different system that does not have links by dates (/2011/7/), all the article links moved with the articles to the new system, just I have lots of links that some how refer to dates.

    Is there a way to mass direct all of them to the main page of the blog without an error?


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    302 redirect them with a RewriteRule in your .htaccess file.

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    The mentioned rewrite might be a solution, I'd use a 301 though. - Is your site up?
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    My bad, that's what I meant. A permanent redirect not a temporary one.

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    Thanks for the quick replies,
    Unfortunately, I have to idea how to start writing a "flexible" rule that will apply to all the addresses that starts with /blog/*date*, and I don't want to create plenty of rules for each link :\

    P.S, I do believe in "teach a man to fish..." so if know any EASY article that can teach me how to create the rule by myself, that would be awesome.

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