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    [Initial Review] WiredTree

    Hi all -

    I thought I'd leave an initial review for WiredTree. I know reviews are more meaningful when you get to having hosted with a company over the long term, but I've had an initial setup that I think warrants a review.

    Background: I run a relatively large forum in the weight loss niche. The software is running the full IPboard and suite. Stats are roughly 17k visitors per day, 6 million page views per month, 45k members, 350 sign-ups per day and a max so far of 651 concurrent users.

    I initially started on shared hosting and obviously quickly outgrew that - forum software is quite intensive. I then moved to a cloud provider but the service was very slow as the board started to grow. The problem, I think, is that forums are disk I/O intensive and the cloud provider had slow drive access. No SSD. I then finally took the plunge and went with a dedicated server with another host. Unfortunately I had terrible uptime on the dedicated with that host. Every 1 to 2 hours it would go down for 1-4 minutes. Nobody could ever figure it out. Plus they gave me a IP that was already blacklisted and then there was an additional fiasco at the data center causing a 3-4 day outage. To be fair, the support tried very hard but it just wasn't working out.

    I finally decided to move to another host. I also thought I'd rather go VPS than dedicated because I really don't have the expertise to manage a dedicated server (even with cpanel).

    Last Saturday I signed up with two providers to give both a go. One was WiredTree and the other another cloud vps (?) provider with crazy good specs with crazy low prices.

    The problem with the second one is they took 1 day to provision my "instant" cloud sever, gave me a already blacklisted IP, and took a day to respond to my ticket. Not a good start...really a pity because I was excited about their configuration. So I decided to stay with WiredTree.

    Provisioning happened about like they said it would. Got a phone call for verification and the server ready in a few hours. Got the welcome email and guess what ... The IP wasn't to a good start! Plus they already created the first main site in WHM for me.

    That evening I did a cpanel move over from my dedicated to the WiredTree VPS. Everything seemed to be running, though coming from a dedicated to a VPS, I saw the server load climbing. But I was at lower traffic so waited to see performance on Sunday. On Sunday my traffic started climbing and the site performance started dropping quite rapidly. Keep in mind I was previously on a E3 dedicated with 16gb ram and SSD and moved to a small VPS. In a panic, I created a support ticket asking to upgrade me to a bigger instance.

    To my surprise, Chris at WT took the time to look at what was happening and told me that moving to a bigger server wasn't going to really do the trick. Wait - what is this - they're not trying to upsell me?! Instead he recommended I install memcached and go with litespeed (small additional cost). I said ok and he actually installed both for me AND sent me the instructions for changing IP Boards config to use memcache.

    Suddenly my server load reduced dramatically and the site became really responsive!

    Fast forward a few days later, I've reached new record highs of concurrency on my site, users are making remarks about the improved performance and pingdom, for the first time in a long time, shows 100% uptime over the last 24 hours.

    Needless to say I'm an extremely happy camper. I know this is early in the process but WiredTree have really come through for me. I'm frankly surprised that one of their smaller VPS offerings is handling what I used to have a dedicated sever for, and most pleasantly surprised at support going out of the way to look at my situation and get me resolved in the most cost effective manner.

    In short, I second the favorable WiredTree reviews here on WHT. They may not be the cheapest but as I keep finding out time and time again, going cheapest in this game is a guarantee of a stressful experience.

    Happy hosting.

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    Wow, that's certainly a very good start. I have heard lots of positive things about them as well.

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    Great to hear a very thorough review of a provider.

    Make sure to let us know in 6-12 months how things are going!

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    Chris, Nick, Sam and Sean they are always very helpful (sorry if I left out some of them who always been so helpful ). I was recommended with memcache for wordpress in the past too (if I am not wrong, it was Chris or one of those I mentioned). And really, they never tried to upsell me, unless it's me who want it. They often check what went wrong first, then recommend something and not tired of explaining things to me. I wouldn't say the whole support team is 100% great (since there are more experienced and less experienced people), but these guys are definitely the top staffs. I do believe first impression is important and that's what makes us stay with them. Hope you enjoy your stay with WiredTree as I do.

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    Last Saturday I signed up with two providers to give both a go. One was WiredTree and the other another cloud vps (?) provider with crazy good specs with crazy low prices.
    May I know the cloud VPS provider (you can PM me).

    Thanks for such a great review with majority of details.
    Looking around for some time
    PM me for Website Design and Web Development Work.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cdutoit View Post

    To my surprise, Chris at WT
    I will have to agree with this part.. Chris is one of the better admins at WT. He was able to quickly find a problem (on the first try I might say) I was having when a handful of others were not able to (over several days). If I could have reached through the monitor and shook his hand or give him a hug, I would have.

    So based on this, depending on who you get on the support team, some are able to resolve the issue on the first try. In my over 4 years at WT, I am happy I have stuck with them as they are one of the best providers out there (and I have tried many).

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    I just wanted to stop in on this thread and say thank you to cdutoit, shyuan and teck for the positive reviews. I probably sound like a broken record saying this but I know how much our staff care about our clients and how forward they look to reviews like this. Just receiving a simple thank you is more than enough. Your words drive all of us to be the best we can be. Setting the standard and raising the bar is why WiredTree was formed in the first place and we only hope to continue that trend by improving our services and offering new ones as time marches on.

    So on many levels I am happy that you guys are happy with your services here at WiredTree. If you have any questions, comments, ideas or just want to chat, feel free to email me at the address in my signature or call our toll free number and ask to speak with me. If I am in the office, I will always take the time to listen. Thanks again!

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