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    Levelhosting Contact Non-Existant

    Anyone else having issues contacting Levelhosting? My ticket from Friday has not been answered and they have not returned the voicemails I left.

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    Try looking up the WHOIS contact information to see if you can get any further. If not they will likely chime in on this thread eventually. - Shared.Reseller.VPS.Dedi.Colo
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    Was it a billing/sales inquiry or support related?

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    As a host that deals with duplicate tickets sometimes although its quite frustrating to see, it does help catch my eye. Try sending in another ticket?

    If it was billing related, they probably didn't man the helpdesk over the weekend. If its tech support related, try sending in a new ticekt for their ticket notifcation system to go off.
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    My amusement is that they claim to have 15-30 minute response times however my tickets often go hours without a response......

    I just bump the ticket after an hour and they finally work it.

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