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    Question Best DNS Service Provider!

    Can you recommend me a good DNS Service Provider which offer different Name servers in different location (like 4 name servers in different location around the globe (US+EU)) and allow me to use my own domain too not their, and have DDoS protection too.
    Thank you!

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    Thank you Genius Guard for you reply and recommendation!

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    Amazon Route53 is quite solid | Hosting Services
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    Any other recommendations?

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    +1 to Amazon Route53

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    dnsmadeeasy is good too

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    I started using about 5-6 months ago and had no issues with them and easy to use control panel to manage your zones / records. - Content Management / Portal Software Solutions
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    DNSMadeEasy gets a lot of attention because of their price, speed, and reliability.

    They are constantly one of the fastest working name servers in the world:

    They are even outperforming providers that are 1,000 times their price that charge those ridiculous fees for "speed". uses DNS Made Easy itself for DNS.

    Another good company that gets some attention on WHT seems to be The owner is pretty frequent on posts here on WHT and seems to answer questions very very quickly.

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    Thank you all, for your recommendations!

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    +1 for DNSMadeEasy - well worth it, awesome team. You can't go wrong with them.
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    have had good results with both dnsmadeeasy and route53 from amazon. route53 control panel is a bit cludgy but it works.

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    New report is out for September speeds. DNS Made Easy is #1 again.

    They really do have an unbelievable product for the price.

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    We offer our OwnDNS to the clients, but those who want to have there own solutions we recomment Cloudflare. The free version is offering all they need.

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    9 ?

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    I was previously using ZoneEdit for many years, but up until late they've been having a substational number of outages (lasting a few days) with no explaination as to why. Moved to Route53 and haven't looked back.

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    For the last 1.5 years I have been using DNS Made Easy. Prior to this I used ZoneEdit for >10 years.

    I love DNS Made Easy. Fast, reliable, good price and nice control panel.

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    For the record, Namecheap and both an inexpensive and reliable DNS hosting. I believe you need to have the domain hosted with to use their DNS hosting, but Namecheap offers it no matter where the domain is registered (you just have to be able to verify you own the domain through email).
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