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    My server hacked with a fake Adobe site


    Some days ago, my dedicated server at softlayer, was hacked, today I realize that any request to a non existing page the 404 error page redirects to an a Adobe FAKE site, and it inmediately force the webbrowser to download a suspicios file.

    It generates many apache services running that consumes much CPU time, and then the server became overloaded.

    I realy dont know what to do. I have tried with the .haccess file, and the custom redirect pages, but it did not work

    any help?

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    Define hacked; How did you get hacked, what software exploit? Did you open a ticket with Softlayer. Did you scan for rootkits? - Host on Cloudrck
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    Assuming you've changed all passwords already? The first step would be to have a look at your logs to try and understand how the file got there.

    Is this a managed server? Are there any existing entries in .htaccess that are not yours?

    I've removed the code. The content is unlikely to help people solve your problem, and we'd prefer not to be passing malicious code and files around here.

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    First of all, get the hack fixed asap.
    TO fix the problem you have stated,
    Create a page named 404.html and add the following line in your .htaccess
    ErrorDocument 404 /404.html

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    Thank you all, the problem seems to be fixed, with the changes to the htaccess file.

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    That's not really a "fix".

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    Good to know htaccess fixed. But make sure malicious software not exist on your server.
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    This is exactly my problem!! I also found hundreds of shell scripts! that's why I posted this thread today:

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    This can be just band-aid until you know how your server was hacked. Your server can be hacked again if you have not block the backdoor through which it was hacked.
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