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    How to create a site that has a voice call between users

    i want to create a website the users can call to each other without
    number and cant call to external phone network
    just by user name or email Can you give me some steps

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    In order to help, could you give a few more information please?
    Like your skills, and why do you need website or if a VoIP server could do the trick?

    Mastering VoIP can be a big deal so depending on your skills you'll have various solutions from renting a ready-to-use VoIP-oriented server, install a solution on a classical server, or up to develop it by yourself...

    A little search around VoIP and I found, great help!
    It provides, among others a list of VoIP Service Providers as well as a list of free SoftPhones solutions, which you could maybe use the code in your own..?

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    hi Sebastien_D

    i am php developer and i want create something like Skype but in site
    The first thing is it's important that rented voip server or vps or can I use the VOIP Providers,
    If i use VOIP Providers i suppose that the cost will be Low to see Skype, for example, offers the service free

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    You need to setup a voip server and messager application (example:blink) in order to setup . If you know how to setup a voip server then VPS would be best otherwise go for a voip server (managed)

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