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    Xero Query

    Wonder if those of you use Xero can shed some light on this.

    I'm getting a bit fed up of having to reconcile lines in Xero referencing PayPal transactions and Bank Account withdrawals. For example, if you pay for something using PayPal and there is insufficient funds it will pull it automatically from your bank account. The problem is, this then creates 2 records in Xero - one for the bank account withdrawal and one as a PayPal transaction/payment.

    Shouldn't Xero be able to recognise that these transactions are related and reconcile them automatically? i.e. draw a match between the 2 as a single transaction?

    Trying to go through tons of PayPal transactions where you've paid for something and then matching it against the associated bank withdrawal is a nightmare!
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    We know there is an issue right now where some transfers/withdrawals into the bank account from the PayPal account are duplicating with the feeds.

    Our Product Team is digging into this but there is no timeframe for a fix yet.

    In the meantime you'll need to delete the duplicate. (Apologies I can't include a link but as a new user I'm not permitted to! If you don't know how to do this please look in our Help Center for 'delete statement line'.)

    If you haven't already, please feel free to email our Support Team on [email protected] so you can be notified when this issue is fixed. I'm sorry for this inconvenience!

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    Hi Catherine,

    Good of you to drop by! Just to be clear, I wasn't having a go at Xero per se (I love it) more a frustration and what's happening and whether or not it's something I or the accountant are doing wrong.

    Glad to see you're working on a fix though - it would save me a crap-ton of hassle in the long run!
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    You're very welcome! Glad you love Xero and I hope we can remove this frustration soon.

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