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    Red face Error with outgoing emails from website!

    Our website makes money out of users’ membership. In order users become a member they need to sign up with the website. Then they will receive an email in order to verify that their email is real and then they can use the website services. I lately see in the admin panel that many people sign up with the website but they do not verify their email addresses. So I made a fake email and signed up with the website but I did not receive the verification email. I am guessing there might be a chance that emails are not being delivered due to the server. (We have a shared plan with GoDaddy) I called them a couple of times and they told there is a queue going on the server but according to them emails WILL DEFINITLY be sent out. I still have not received the email verification after three days for the dummy user which I made but surprisingly a new member signed up and verified his email just today. It means that his email is delivered while the dummy user that I have created still has not gotten his verification email. I am afraid that some of the emails which go to the queue get lost or deleted or even some emails may do not go out of my website at all. Any ideas on this?

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    I would start by checking to see if the IP address associated with your domain is blacklisted.
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    I have a shared hosting. Do I have a dedicated IP address for it?

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    Re: Error with outgoing emails from website!

    Not a dedicated IP but still an IP that can be blacklisted.

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