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    CentOS 6 Network Issue

    Hi guys,

    Are any of you aware of any issues with secondary ip's in CentOS 6.x? I've been trying to get these secondary interfaces working but for some reason I cannot.

    I can ping the gateway externally however when I'm logged in via ssh, I cannot reach the gateway. If I look at the route table, I see the network of the secondary ip addresses going to the default gateway but still no luck.

    I've tried binding the ip's manually using ifconfig and also using the range command like I've done many,many times on CentOS 5.x.

    Any help would be appreciated.


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    Nope. There shouldn't be any odd issues.
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    Just try this link:

    if that didn't work, remove Network manager if it is installed.
    yum remove NetworkManager NetworkManager-gnome NetworkManager-glib

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    Is it a virtual machine ( Xen / any cloud platform )?

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