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    FDC Servers Chicago "budget" quick review

    So I've had a server at FDC Servers Chicago for a few months now, and I've been monitoring it remotely. In the past 5 months I've had two outages, one short (about half an hour) and another that lasted nearly 2 hours.

    Other than that no issues, and most of the time it's pretty quick (have the 100mbps plan).

    It is definitely lower grade in terms of speed and reliability than the server I have at Corexchange, but for $59/month (+$10 for redundant power) I'd say it's worth it for non-critical applications.

    If anyone has any questions about my experience I'd be glad to answer them.


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    I can't live with 2 hours of downtime :-) but at least, it is for non-critical applications.

    Thanks for the review.
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    2 hours is pretty painful... Had a friend's website break the $1m/month mark not too long back, just imagining what he'd do with 2 hours of downtime... Sadistic LoL :| ... I would imagine something along the lines of needing a new MacBook... I've been on-and-off for almost a decade with FDC: I've generally had a much better experience, but that is probably partly luck Recently opened some VPSes with ... no downtime yet, but for a one-time flat rate charge, its not too shabby 25% SLOWER than on similar specs according to UnixBench though, but I wasn't expecting that much for $140/lifetime :|

    Quote Originally Posted by net View Post
    I can't live with 2 hours of downtime :-) but at least, it is for non-critical applications.

    Thanks for the review.

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    2hr downtime can be a pain and if your site is even more valuable then it can be way worst. Their price isn't bad at all.

    Repost a review in a couple months so we can keep with to date with your experiences with FDC.

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