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    Personal File Host

    Hello WHT.

    I'm looking for a script, web app, program what ever you want to call it, that can host personal files for me to share with by linking on forums, and sharing the page.

    Real world Example: I have troll pictures and in game screen shots that I post on forums. I want to upload this to my host through a webscript(not FTP) and be able to link the file to post on the forums. Also, I would like to be able to create a gallery to share a bunch of same topic pictures.

    I tried owncloud, but for me to share the picture, they would have to click on my links, I can't post the pictures on the forum.

    Requirements: It needs to be a webscript. I can install what every the script needs.

    Thank you for your help!

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    If it is only pictures (jpg, gif, png, etc) then you can try coppermine gallery. Select a decent host and upload the software for free.
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    I don't know of any scripts or programs that would do this off the top of my head (nothing a google search wouldn't solve) but why don't you set up an apache webserver and upload files to your server via sftp (or program a web interface to do that) and just share the photos/files like that?

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    I have been using this for gallery its 1 file php, you just put it in directory where your pictures are. Not sure about upload but you could probably add code in that file for picture upload form.

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    Check out AjaXplorer (or Pydio as it's known now)

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    Any of these will do the job
    You don't need softaculous, it's just a good list and there is a demo.

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