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    what next? move site from shared to VPS using zpanel

    Hi all, I'm new here.
    I have one or two question about VPS and shared hosting.

    I just bought 1 month vps at I installed zpanel on it, changed password and added domain. Can you help me what to do next, I want to move my website from godaddy to this VPS. I'm using joomla and I'm gonna make backup of website with akeeba backup. So what next? Any link would be helpful, or if you want to explain me what to do next. Thanks in advance

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    I am not sure what kind of control panel does GD use but you might end up copying it manually. Maybe you can also ask help from your current provider?
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    You might take a fullbackup from godaddy and restore it with zpanel. Its rare to find links because both providers use non standard panels.
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    Is zpanel now even secure? I heard there were security flaws with it. (Not sure if it has been resolved)

    If your budget allows go with cPanel/WHM, they'll even help you migrate away from zpanel -- Just confirm if that still applies if you're moving away from a shared server where you of course have limited access.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dustin Cisneros View Post
    Is zpanel now even secure?
    Far from it, as far as I am aware. I've also noticed some clients using it having problems (e.g. it has an error every second and tries emailing the root user == > large IO in mail queue)

    Best advice I'd say is to move away from zpanel as soon as is convenient.

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    I installed zpanel cause it's free, any suggestions what should I install?

    ps. I can't backup and restore godaddy CP cause they are using their own CP, it's not similar to cPanel

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    I'd bought cpanel (whm) licence and everything is fine now, I how to set-up everything I need in cpanel. Thnx guys

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