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    Raid controller cache

    128mb cache HD with raid controller that has 128mb cache

    2 x 64mb cache HD with raid controller with 128mb cache

    Which of the above 2 will give best performance ?

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    1 drive on a RAID card doesn't give you much of a performance boost. If you use the 2 drives in RAID1, you wont see any performance gain as the data is just mirrored. If the 2 drives are in RAID0, then you will get around twice the write/read performance.

    Also have a look at RAID caching policies, this will help you greatly speed up your array. Write Back is especially good for this but you will need a battery to backup your cached data incase of power loss.

    Good little PDF here explaining caching policies: - Linux & Windows Xen VPS Servers
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    Definitely the latter with RAID0. But you would have no data redundancy. Also, using RAID1, as what @mike86 has said, but to add on, you would actually see a drop in performance instead.

    However, it depends on what you're doing as well and whether or not the performance gain from a RAID0 setup would be more beneficial than a going with a RAID 1.
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