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    Looking for hosting company with affiliates, monthly payment, free domain, Wordpress

    Hi guys,

    I'm looking for a web hosting company that has:

    1. Affiliate program (preferably without a complicated approval process for affiliates, but I can live with a complicated approval too if necessary)

    2. Include a free domain with everything automated properly so that it works instantly upon payment (automated fraud check and delays if anything looks suspicious are OK, but for 'regular folks' it should be instant)

    3. Allow monthly payments for the clients I refer to them

    4. Have some automated Wordpress deployment script

    At this time I don't care how much the commission is, whether it's one time or recurring etc.

    If you know of any such company, please reply. If it's your own company and the forum rules allow you to post it, please do, if the rules don't allow, then please PM me.


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    I can answer your question about the forum rules: post and PM are both not allowed.

    What you're asking for is standard across most hosts. The only combination that is rare is free domain + monthly payments. The domain isn't "free" - it just means the host pays for it and absorbs the cost into their package. They can't do this without making a loss on a monthly basis.

    It's more transparent anyway if domains are affordably prices and you pay for one if you need it. Otherwise you're paying for the cost of that "free" domain even if you already have your own that you want to move over.

    Other than that - just about any host can do it. Concentrate on finding one that's right for your sites. Then you'll be able to recommend based on your own experience, and that carries a lot more weight.

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